Tilia is an elegant urban bicycle designed especially for women.
Its frame and fork are hand-made of natural wood, a material valued not only for its true beauty, but also known to have excellent mechanical properties such as elasticity and shock absorption.

The manufacture of each Tilia bicycle starts from careful selection of high-quality wood. The bike’s frame is crafted by hand mainly of birch wood originating from the Białowieża Forest, one of the oldest and cleanest forested areas in Europe. The other type of wood used is the exotic
jatoba, a wood material as durable as birch wood.

The combination of several tens of layers of the two kinds of wood produces an excellent plywood material for Tilia’s frame and fork. The plywood is finished with luxurious Palisander veneer. Before it turns into a bicycle frame, the plywood is treated with steam and bent to the desired shape in special molds. After several weeks of drying, the plywood frame is sanded, smoothed and covered with several layers of high quality yacht varnish.

The final stage of work involves combining the frame with carefully selected bicycle components such as the wooden fork, carbon-fibre parts, the crank set with the theme of chess pieces, and solid wood pedals, all of which are also made by hand. To ensure the highest riding comfort, each Tilia bike is equipped with a three-speed Sturmey Archer hub and genuine leather saddle and grips from the iconic English brand Brooks.

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